In Vietnam, calendar was set up by the cycles of the Moon changes regularly. Each year are guarded by one of twelve animals.

The Zodiac sign of the Vietnamese, the first Mouse ( Tí) then following is Buffalo ( Sửu) , Tiger ( Dần), Cat (Mão), Dragon (Thìn), Snake (Tỵ), Horse (Ngọ), Goat (Mùi ), Monkey (Thân), Chicken (Dậu), Dog (Tuất) and ultimately the pig (Hợi).  In some of the legend, dragon is  mythology animal. Every cycle is 12 years old of the animals.

The legend of the 12 animal designations originated from the East, but so far about 80 countries have issued stamps for the Lunar New Year with more than 1000 designs. In HCM City, a stamp exhibition with the theme "12 animal designations on stamps and curve-edged stamps" opened this week 2014.

In Vietnam, the first set of stamps issued for the Tet holiday with 12 animal designations was issued in 1962 - the "New Year Dong Ho Paintings" - including two designs "A sow and piglets" and "A hen and chicks".

In the 1962-1992 period, the issuance of Lunar New Year stamps was not maintained regularly. From 1993, Lunar New Year stamps became an indispensable topic in the annual stamp issuance programs. By 2004, the cycle of 12 animal designations on stamps completed. At this time, stamp collectors had a full set of 12 animal designations.



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