The Chay River which links Phong Nha Cave with Dark Cave is renowned for its special beauty with hundreds of Bonsai trees on the both riversides. When coming to Chay River - Dark Cave, guests will experience two zip line routes. One route connects the animal conservation station and Dark Cave, which is about 400m long. The other 100m route, which crosses the Chay River. The zip line will offer an new, exciting experience to add to the main Dark Cave tour as Guests fly down the River Chay to the cave entrance. Guests will also have the opportunity to spend time relaxing in the Chay River, swimming and enjoying our new inflatable equipment. Whether you fancy kicking back in a giant rubber ring recliner with a cold beer, or having fun on our water-based trampoline, be sure to spend some time in the Chay River whilst at Dark cave.



“ Zip line” Tour visiting Chay River – Dark Cave begins from 01/09/2014    

 *Note: Height restriction: Minimum height 1.4m

The new tour introduces our “zip-line bath” from the kayak station into the Chay River, where tourists can enjoy Chay River activities after the Dark cave tour. Our new water-based inflatable equipment such as the trampoline, the banana boat and rubber ring recliners will be available to visitors before/after the Dark cave tour.

Including: Entrance fee to cave, All safety and activity equipment for cave tour and Chay River

- Zip line from animal observation tower to Dark cave entrance , Kayak rental  , Zip-line bath (from Kayak station)

- Insurance


Opening of main Zip line from animal observation tower to the Dark cave entrance :Tour begins from 01/01/2015



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